From left to right: Bart Groen and Eric Boer from High Five Health Promotion and Arjen Hop and Luuk Beumers from Sportivun.

Monday June 25th High Five Health Promotion successfully signed with Sportivun. On behalf of High Five, Sportivun will facilitate sports activities that are open to the children of NATO’s employees. These will be accessible during the holiday periods.

Sportivun has the goal to get every child in the Netherlands to play sports. Through this partnership, they will not just operate in Holland anymore, but go across the border to Belgium as well! With their three pillars ‘sportmanship’, ‘safety’ and ‘fun’ they will facilitate several sports activities like camps and daytime activities.

High Five Health Promotion moves companies and its employees, that is our goal. With our own gyms and company fitness locations we try to keep Holland’s working class, and those abroad, fit and healthy. This partnership was only a logical step to complete the corporate fitness program at NATO in Brussels.

The partnership will start off simultaneously with the opening of the NATO Sport Centre, powered by High Five. This will take place at the start of September. High Five will open a company gym near NATO’s headquarters that will give access to all NATO employees.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership!